Hello, my name is

Jemmy Zhou

I'm a student, instructor, and developer and based in the SF Bay Area.

I'm Jemmy Zhou

I'm a Computer Science Major at UC Berkeley

In addition to taking classes, I love to teach CS, take photos, and learn new .

My passion is to explore different technologies to improve daily workflow and productivity. I'm also interested in designing sleek, modern interfaces for better user experiences. Check out my Projects.

My hobbies include traveling around the world and capturing them in photos and videos, trying different video games, surfing through Youtube, and getting lost in Wikipedia.

Here are some highlights of my life:


  • Black Belt in Wushu (Chinese Martial Arts)
  • Won Grand Champion at several National Martial Arts tournaments
  • NorCal Drum Major Mace Champion
    • Won the Champion title my first year competing in the Masters division


  • Majoring in Computer Science at UC Berkeley
  • Minoring in Data Science at UC Berkeley
  • Highly rated student instructor in the EECS department


  • 2015: I pass the American College of Musicians High School Diploma Exam.
  • 2016: I splinter my wrist, chip a tooth, and win 1st at a Band Review all in the same week.
  • 2017: My piano training comes to an end.
  • 2018: As part of UC Berkeley Wushu Team, we win the Annual Collegiate Championship, completing a decade long domination.
  • 2019: I build my first PC.

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Languages and Other Skills

These are the languages and I know and have worked with. I strive to always learn something new and my current focus is learning React.

I am proficient in Excel / Google Spreadsheets. I also know both English and Chinese (Mandarin).

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Very Proficient
Very Proficient
Very Proficient
C / C++
Ruby on Rails
Latex / Markdown


I started teaching CS 61A the semester after I took the course and continue to this day. I started out as an Academic Intern and have since been hired for both Tutor and TA positions. My materials for the course can be found here.

As a TA, my weekly duties include

Holding Discussion

I meet with 30-40 students to review material from lecture, go over problem solving techniques, and practice said techniques.

Holding Lab

I work with my students individually, answering any questions about current topics and reviewing past material to help them stay on track.

Office Hours

In addition to helping students, I focus on training Academic Interns to become more effective teachers by shadowing and giving actionable feedback.

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As a Tutor, my weekly duties include

Small Group Tutoring
I meet with small groups of 4-6 students to review basics, clarify misconceptions, and develop techniques for solving exam level problems.

Office Hours

I help students debug projects and homeworks, develop a better understanding of concepts, and show them different approaches to the same problem.

Fixing Composition

I work with students to help clarify the logic behind their code, find more efficient and elegant solutions to problems, and improve code readability.

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My Projects

  • Actionmap
    Ruby on Rails, HTML, Bootstrap | 2020
    Private Repo
    SaaS Web App designed to let people view details about US Representatives. The app was developed following Agile practices and used tools like Travis (Continuous Integration), Codecov(Code Coverage), Pivotal Tracker (Agile Project Management), etc.
  • Predicting NBA Player Salaries
    Python, NumPy, Scikit-learn, Pandas | 2020
    Using NBA Player statistics and past salary figures, I created a linear model and predicted NBA Player salaries with near 95% accuracy.
  • Trap Box
    C++, FLTK Library | 2017
    PC based GUI simulating 3D balls trapped inside a wire-frame box. Program can be interacted with mouse drag-and-drops in addition to buttons with various options.
  • The Pacman Projects
    Python | 2019
    Private Repo
    Using foundational AI Concepts, such as state-space search, probabilistic inference, and reinforcement learning, implemented a series of Pacman related projects.
  • RISCV CPU Project
    Software-based CPU
    Logism, Assembly (RISC-V) | 2018
    Private Repo
    Designed and built a virtual CPU running on a subset of the RISC-V architecture. Currently supports 32 different instructions and a 2-stage pipeline.
  • Circle
    Java | 2017
    A local POS system that helps keep track of items sold. Meant to be a private project to practice Java and not meant to be used on a larger scale.
  • Jupiter
    Java, C++ | 2017
    The project is designed as a second log-in screen for Windows PCs. The concept is once a user logs in through the standard Windows log-in, this program will boot and force the user to log-in. Command prompt and Task Manager are specifically killed if user tries to execute them. If the user inputs the password incorrectly three times, the computer freezes, until it detects an encrypted key on a designated USB.
  • Scheme Interpreter
    Scheme Interpreter
    Python | 2017
    Private Repo
    Used Python to implement a Scheme interpreter. Followed the Read-Eval-Print-Loop (REPL) method.

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If you'd like to talk, don't hesitate to reach out!